Who we are

OmniGO is a tech start-up which develops advanced Computer Vision, Deep Learning, AI technologies and apply in operational processes of multiple merchants in different industries, including food & beverage, health & beauty, fashion, retail,…
Founded in 2019, our mission is to become “eyes and brains” of businesses who are still limited by traditional technologies.
We help brands and businesses to save cost, increase service values, and sustain profit!

Our solutions

Facial recognition

Facial Recognition technology detects and matches customers’ unique facial characteristics for identification or authentication check.

Transaction recording

Transaction recording technology detects and recognizes the content of each transaction, including products/services, price, quantity,…

Data management

Data management system stores and analyzes data of customers, and supply insights to improve merchant products and services.

Cooperate with us

Our contact:

Phone: (84) 919 957 102

Email: info@omnigo.tech